Friday, August 16, 2019

ten years later

Good morning, kids

I think if you live long enough, you can start recognizing pattern behavior.  Take for example this time every year in the dredges of summer when, like clockwork, I start longing for autumn leaves and pumpkin bars.

Like a gay zombie I start roaming the aisles of target, desperate to put my hands on chintzy poly-blend vampire capes and table-runners.

August is always the worst.  As the days only get warmer (and despite my dwindling checking account), I start scouring eBay for whatever falls under "universal monsters 1991"  or "hallmark halloween 1989."  And, if I have something to say, I start writing missives about scary movies that mean something to me and don't usually stop until I get bogged down by trunks of Christmas decorations in November.

This year's no different.

Well, maybe it's a little different.  You see, this little blog - this unpublicized manifesto of my wishes and memories - the thing that kept me from going crazy in hard times and helped me find community when I felt like there was none to be had, it's ten years old.

So let's celebrate.
The world is garbage.  Straight people are trash.
The planet is finally going to kill us all (as it should).
The least we can do is focus on the important fashion choices made in Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2.

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