Thursday, July 11, 2019

i miss her every day

It's not Friday.  It's Thursday.  As if that weren't enough a blow to my well-being, I have a summer cold and I can't work out and I also seem to have hit an age wall where I'm gaining, on average, about a pound a day.  This is a dark time. 

Then I remembered Ma (2019).

Ma is a movie where a lady invites a bunch of kids to her basement and makes them totino's pizza rolls and let's them vape and they all dance together to Funkytown.

Ma is a movie where the adult characters are played by queer icons like Missi Pyle and Juliette Lewis and the hot gay from the fake Dracula movie.

Ma is a movie where Octavia Spencer plays a grown woman who works with Allison Janney at a puppy hospital where she is continually reprimanded for being on her phone.

Ma is a movie from 1988 made thirty-one years later and I loved it. 

I think I'm going to have to take a "lunch meeting" tomorrow and go find a second-run theatre in the suburbs where it's playing because I love myself.  I'll start my diet and showing up to work on Monday (in September).

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