Thursday, October 24, 2013

movie night!

This month is crazy. Every year it seems like the festivities around Halloween start earlier and earlier and become more and more elaborate.  We've a week to go, I'm already burnt out!  There's nothing I want more than to call in sick, close the blinds and have myself an old fashioned Halloween Movie Marathon.

I don't know about you, but even the concept of having to rifle through my DVD collection is too much lately.  Who has the energy for such things in this new Millennium?  Thanks to WiFi,  there's a whole slew of instant-streaming, "Super-HD" movies at our fingertips and we don't even have to get up off the floor.


No party, however intimate, is complete without a good spread.  I like a lot of dips, so I'm going to start with this recipe, which is basically just refried beans covered in cheese and microwaved in a Halloween themed cereal bowl.  That's probably enough cooking for today.  Should we get hungry later, we can always dip into one of our candy pails  (Note: if you're a grown-ass man, you should always have pails full of candy all over the house for guests or the occasional late night indulgence).

The Entertainment:
Let's start nice and easy.  Every now and then I kind of like to do things nice and easy.

Pumpkinhead is what netflix was made for - discovery.  I never saw this movie until last week.  There's a spooky, evil witch in it and a little redneck boy who looks and behaves like Jonathan Lipnicki.  How can you resist it?

At this point, we should probably order a couple thin-crust pizzas and coke zeros from Dominos.  Before you roll your eyes, you should know that I have NO tolerance for gays who don't eat.  Food is delicious.  Yes, I would like to add that order of chocolate filled grease cake, thank you very much!

While enjoying your pizza feast, take an opportunity to check in with yourself - or you can nap, it's up to you.  There are no rules to Halloween Movie Marathon Day.  Also, don't be afraid of a signature cocktail.  Try mixing a teaspoon of vanilla bean sugar with a cap of ginger syrup - swish it around and then top of your glass with champagne.  Let's call it Witches Brew!

I always like to put something on while dining/napping.  Black Sunday is, far and away, the best background movie ever, the stuff that Halloween dreams are made of.

You're thinking by now that there's one thing and that's that we never ever do anything nice and easy. So, we're gonna do the next few hours nice and rough.  This is the way we do Halloween Movie Marathon Night.

I haven't really spoken of Clive Barker and I don't know why.  Clive was openly gay WAY before that was a thing.  In an era where queer was still equated to mincing about on a sitcom or as the onscreen best friend to Julia Roberts, Clive was pushing the boundaries of horror for the masses. Hellraiser was ahead.  Nothing made you a harder bitch at elementary school recess than pretending to have seen a Pinhead movie.  Even the poster for Hellraiser 2 terrified me as a kid.  As an adult, the movie's fun, even if it suffers from sequel-itis at every turn.  It's got a mute child in an insane asylum (surely a holdover from the Dream Warriors), a demonic mattress, a mad scientist, bountiful shoulder pads, jenga, lots of ADR - portions of the movie even take place in the astral plain.  Somebody call Julie Taymor, because I think a reboot may be in order!

You can stream Hausu on Hulu, it's not on Netflix; but, honestly, you should already own the Criterion Blu Ray.  Catch up, everybody, we're heading to the home stretch!

This is the one with Paul Rudd and the mom from Better Off Dead in it.  It doesn't make a lick of sense, but it comes from 1995 and I'm a sucker for plaid shirts and shoulder length hair.  Plus, its denouement takes place in one of the Jurassic Park testing facilities.  I'm easy.

Whew!  We did it.  That was sure fun.  Thanks for stopping by.  We had some laughs and I think we learned a lot too.  Please take the leftover pumpkin pecan pie with you!  I need to apply my night cream and go to sleep.  Halloween Movie Marthon Day is exhausting.  We'll definitely do this again next year.  Xoxo Jeffrey

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Friday, October 18, 2013

poor betty

"You have no power here!  Be gone - before someone drops a house on you!"
-Glinda the Good

I wasn't going to talk about the fake Carrie movie because, like FoxNews and the Kardashians,  we shouldn't give power to the forces of evil by allowing them to cross our lips.

That said, I do like that the release of the fake Carrie movie has opened everyone up to talking about how perfect and special and poignant the real Carrie movie is/has been/always will be.

So forget about the cynical, computer-generated Carrie.  Rest assured knowing that, much like the fake Nightmare on Elm Street, its memory will soon be distant and the original classic will remain canonical for decades to come.

Also, read this lovely article by my friends at Kindertrauma:

If you can't help yourself but to get a telekinetic fix, you can always splurge and go see Alice Ripley in Carrie: the Musical this weekend.  Money well spent!

Monday, October 7, 2013

she's back!

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is finally being released from the vaults and she's coming to the Cinefamily here in Los Angeles this Wednesday night.  Be there.  I will be.