Thursday, July 11, 2019

i miss her every day

It's not Friday.  It's Thursday.  As if that weren't enough a blow to my well-being, I have a summer cold and I can't work out and I also seem to have hit an age wall where I'm gaining, on average, about a pound a day.  This is a dark time. 

Then I remembered Ma (2019).

Ma is a movie where a lady invites a bunch of kids to her basement and makes them totino's pizza rolls and let's them vape and they all dance together to Funkytown.

Ma is a movie where the adult characters are played by queer icons like Missi Pyle and Juliette Lewis and the hot gay from the fake Dracula movie.

Ma is a movie where Octavia Spencer plays a grown woman who works with Allison Janney at a puppy hospital where she is continually reprimanded for being on her phone.

Ma is a movie from 1988 made thirty-one years later and I loved it. 

I think I'm going to have to take a "lunch meeting" tomorrow and go find a second-run theatre in the suburbs where it's playing because I love myself.  I'll start my diet and showing up to work on Monday (in September).

Friday, July 5, 2019

vacation, all i ever wanted

I loved Midsommar.  Duh.

It's a movie about grief and finding community.

Whether being gay or, more specifically, a horror gay, I know how important it is to find people who speak your language - people who don't wish away your emotions, but who instead help you process them - who cry and laugh and rage along with you.   With community, we're less alone on this garbage planet.

But I know that, much like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Extended Director's Cut, I'm a minority.  I'm viewing this kind of film through an orphan's eyes.  When your parents die, you're rudderless and you look for meaning and connection to justify each day.  This movie syncs into that frequency and I love it.

Also, men are trash and should only be kept around for copulation, then put inside bear costumes and set on fire.

Five stars.