Friday, October 18, 2013

poor betty

"You have no power here!  Be gone - before someone drops a house on you!"
-Glinda the Good

I wasn't going to talk about the fake Carrie movie because, like FoxNews and the Kardashians,  we shouldn't give power to the forces of evil by allowing them to cross our lips.

That said, I do like that the release of the fake Carrie movie has opened everyone up to talking about how perfect and special and poignant the real Carrie movie is/has been/always will be.

So forget about the cynical, computer-generated Carrie.  Rest assured knowing that, much like the fake Nightmare on Elm Street, its memory will soon be distant and the original classic will remain canonical for decades to come.

Also, read this lovely article by my friends at Kindertrauma:

If you can't help yourself but to get a telekinetic fix, you can always splurge and go see Alice Ripley in Carrie: the Musical this weekend.  Money well spent!

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