Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We got trouble... right here in Riverton City...

"Bugs dad did some pretty messed up stuff."

Wasn't coming out day a RIOT?? All those multi-colored facebook pictures crack me up! It got me in a good mood. Therefore, hot off the heels of my positive movie going experience this weekend, I am proud to present you with another edition of That Gay!

A lot happens in the first ten minutes of My Soul to Take (2010); we're immediately informed that a serial killer has been marauding the hamlet of Riverton, Massachusetts (or is it Connecticut?). But don't worry about all that, because we're established safe and sound in a pregnant Mormon lady's house. It's one of those roomy, perfectly decorated craftsman homes that you only see in Wes Craven movies - impossible to finance in real life. Nothing could go possibly wrong in such a place.

(Now get ready for the part where I yelled out loud in the theatre)... 

Meanwhile, in the basement of this meticulous abode, the Mormon lady's husband is putting some finishing touches on a rocking horse for his unborn son. Get ready for a surprise!  The pregnant Mormon lady's husband is none other than Broadway legend Raúl Esparza! My dear, is there anything he can't do?

In all seriousness, being a multi-hyphenate is one of the tell tale signs of dissociative identity disorder (just ask Kristin Chenoweth)!  Faster than he can say, Sybil, Raúl winds up going on a violent and bloody killing spree.  Looks like he was that pesky Riverton Ripper all along.  Oopsies!

Don't worry, dolls.  I'm not actually spoiling anything because (as is the case with most of our That Gay! gays) Raúl doesn't make it more than fifteen minutes into My Soul to Take; but it's a memorable and tight fifteen minutes that makes him more than worthy of being this month's That Gay!
Good job, Raúl, your grapefruit basket is in the mail.

If you still aren't convinced, here's a clip of Raúl wailing his weave off as Riff Raff in the Broadway revival of Rocky Horror Show back in the year 2000 (yes, that's Joan Jett as Columbia).

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