Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tinsel and Glamour!

We’re sitting on another awards season, darlings. For all the smack-talk I have been laying down regarding the current state of horror cinema, 2009 was a pretty good year. I thusly present you with the first annual FaggotyAssAwards nomination spectacular!

Best Actress:

Megan Fox - Jennifer's Body

Ali Larter - Obsessed

Alison Lohman - Drag Me to Hell

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Antichrist

Penn Badgley & Amber Heard - The Stepfather

Best Film:

The House of the Devil

The Orphan

Drag Me to Hell


Don't on hate me, but I have removed the "Guy I'd go Gay For" category from contention because there were no hot men in any movies this year. So, the award automatically goes to Joe Seely.  Congratulations, Joe!

Vote away to your hearts content, dolls.  The results will be tallied and the winners will be sent FaggotyAss gift baskets with grapefruits, gay dvds, and a copy of the Legally Blonde: The Musical soundtrack!  Very exciting!!!


  1. Gonna have to go with Ms. Lohman for Best Actress, she took facials in "hell" better than belladonna ever has. The Orphan was a masterpiece of glow in the dark fingerpaint, but we all know thats only fun for the first 30 seconds or so, Drag Me to Hell gets my votes all the way around, or all over....either way.

  2. For best actress - Ali Larter. Part of it coordinated, part of it coincidence she brings the heroine of nicole brown simpson to life and in so doing makes us all understand why he did what he did.

    For best movie - Antichrist. It's really been far too long since we've seen Lars Von Trier torture his open and willing actors.

  3. i vote for the girl who tried to kill beyonce

  4. Stop the press--why wasn't Isabelle Fuhrman nominated for Best Actress? She certainly deserves to be in the running, although I'm not sure she ultimately would have received my vote. Young Ms. Fuhrman could have truly wowed me by donning a merkin and giving us the full-frontal shower reveal we were all waiting for. *Irregardless*, I'm not sure 2009 offered a more gratifying moment than when Esther scrubbed off her pancake makeup with a steel wool brush and ripped out her pageant dentures to reveal the Kidder stubs beneath.

    My vote goes to Alison Lohman for chin gumming and authentic portrayal of a former fatty in trouble.

    Best Film--Da Haus Ub Da Debil. The inclusion of The Fixx and Thomas Dolby on the soundtrack was the final blast of hellfire that melted my heart. I truly want to live inside that movie. Instead I'll just buy it on 3 home video formats.