Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Matthew Bourne's The Crucible

After another state had the audacity to decided that the LGBTQ community are third-class citizens, I think we could all use a little Christmas.  In the great tradition of Screen Gems horror films being written purely through exposition, I present you with the following photo essay in honor of Renny Harlin's Steven Strait epic set amongst New England witches who just so happen to be muscled up gay boys who don’t know how to pronounce “Gloucester”  - The Covenant (2006)!

"They're supposedly descendants of the five families that settled the Ipswich colonies in the 1700s."

"I've got to run some errands for my mother."

"What are you looking at, faggot?"
"That thing between your legs.  It's like a penis, only smaller."

"Lucky for you, Chase was there to get you out before you sucked up the pool."

"If what you're saying is true and Hagen Pope is the bastard son of John Putnam, then the fifth bloodline in the Covenant didn't end in Salem."

"It's you that I'm gonna hurt, and you're just my bait to get to Caleb."

"Let's just keep this between the sons of Ipswich."

"You can't imagine what it was like growing up not knowing what this was!"

"How about I make you my wee-atch?"


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