Wednesday, October 24, 2018

u even podcast, bro?

One of my worst vices is listening to podcasts while playing my modded classic Nintendo when I'm supposed to be doing real work.  

I don't even know how to use any of the games except Tetris and Dr. Mario and Mario 3 and the first level of Castlevania and sometimes Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, but only when Mark comes over and neither of us know how to get past any levels so we just play until we're tired (about 6 minutes).  

But if I didn't listen to podcasts, specifically IN VOORHEES WE TRUST, I never would have known about this perfect music video about a little boy watching Friday the 13th Part Five: A New Beginning and finding himself confused by its juxtaposition of sexuality and violence.  

This music video is better than most studio released horror movies and the Friday the 13th podcast is also amazing, if you have the time.  You don't even need a nintendo, but you're always welcome to come and use mine.

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