Monday, September 1, 2014

who run the world? (girls)

Good morning.

Did y'all watch The Leftovers on HBO?  Yeah, me neither.  It just looks like such a chore.  Blech!

I already know all about the rapture, thank you very much.  I've seen Night of the Comet.

Night of the Comet is all about how fabulous it is when everyone on Earth gets wiped out by an errant comet and you're left to reenact countless shopping montages until the mall is overtaken by cannibal zombie punks and you have to escape only to wind up in the hands of corrupt government health officials who hole you up underground and separate you from your sister, leaving you with the sole responsibility of destroying the military industrial complex and rescuing several multicultural children along the way.

When I was in high school, my friend's older sister (who went to a fancy art school in Boston) asked me if I'd ever seen Night of the Comet and she went on about how much I'd love it (aka: "You're gay, right?").  She wasn't wrong.  It's refreshing to discover a movie that's so legitimately weird, even after all this time.

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