Sunday, May 17, 2020

i could write a book

Hi kids,
Heard any good news lately?

This whole Joe-Bob Briggs scandal is bringing back a lot of PTSD from my time working as development executive for FEARnet.   I understand why nerves are frayed.  Homophobia is a real part of the horror community, the same way that homophobia is a real part of being alive.  FEARnet knew about my blog here and they still hired me as a development executive.  To their credit (and absolutely uncommon in network TV) they saw it as a strength to have a passionate fag passionately picking horror shows for their network. 

When FEARnet shut down, I didn't get a single interview or pitch at another horror site. 


Flash forward six years, and there's a whole movement of LGBTQIA horror blogs and podcasts and we're being featured in some high falutin' places, but our acceptance is still tenuous.  Nothing's really changed.  

If you're like me, old as dirt and incapable of looking good in black t-shirts, we're not alone!  There's a great podcast about the scandal and all things gay and resilient called Gaylords of Darkness and you can listen to it on your nightly plague walk.

And if you miss me, here's the time I sat down face to face with Michael Varrati on his phenomenal Dead for Filth podcast  back when we could sit face to face.

Stay safe and stay tuned.  I think I'll have a lot more to say in the coming weeks.


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